Leadersforgive: Step 8, Celebrate

Leadersforgive: Step 7, Gift of Inner Peace

Leadersforgive: Step 6, Learning to Let Go

Leadersforgive: Step 5, Reframing the Situation

Renate Mousseux, Body Language Expert on Arizona Daily Mix

Leadersforgive: Step 4, Working with Guilt /Advocate Fiercely


Leadersforgive: Step 3, Working on anger-Act Courageously

Young ATHENA Program on Arizona Daily Mix

Leadersforgive: Step 1- Living Authentically

Dr. Eileen Borris- What does Forgiveness mean to you?

Dr. Eileen Borris- ATHENA Leadership Award

Maraion Douglas-ATHENA-Act Courageously

ATHENA Nominations and ATHENA Valley of the Sun on AZDM

Athena Valley of the Sun on AZ Daily Mix

How To “Never Leave A Woman Leader Behind” 2017 ATHENA Valley of the Sun HAIL Awards

Barbara Barrett ATHENA Leadership Award

Sonoran Living Our relationship with money ATHENA VOS

2017 Athena Leadership Award

Dr Nadia Katrangi-ATHENA- Learn Constantly

The Development of Women’s Leadership with ATHENA’s Martha Mertz

Annie Groth-ATHENA-Foster’s Collaboration

Martha Mertz on the Millennial Generation

Jody Farley ATHENA Advocate Fiercely

Martha Mayhood Mertz, ATHENA Founder

Dr Claire McWilliams-ATHENA-Build Relationships

Dr. Brenda Combs-ATHENA-Live Authentically

Did you know?

Guests are welcome to attend up to 2 Emerging ATHENA meetings at the guest rate before becoming a member of ATHENA Valley of the Sun.


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