Interview with Carey Conley

Carey Conley is dedicated to helping people identify their dreams and goals through vision building and to achieve those goals through discovering their purpose. She believes that success in life is about following your true passion and knowing what impact they are here to make in the world. Carey draws from more than 2 decades of experience in growing 2 businesses, of being a wife and mom, and her personal journey of life tragedies that she shares with her audience. She not only can relate to her audience why having a clear vision and purpose is the bottom line to professional success, but how it becomes the anchor in all the storms of life. It is through her joy and pain, through her success and struggles that she offers the greatest opportunity to create a clear path to their destiny by living in their purpose.

“Vision was revealed to me in the late 80s. I wanted to change my life style because the 9 to 5pm wasn’t working for me. So I grabbed a piece of paper and I doodled a bunch of ideas and one of those ideas was that someday I thought I might be an expert on vision and goal setting and start speaking on that. I am very happy that I found my purpose. I’m getting ready to expand over the next year to help others Live Authentically and help them find their purpose.”

There are reasons why before you do anything else you have to have a vision first. 1st It helps people make better decisions with their time and their money. 2nd I talk about how to help you stay focused and consistent on those things that you’re supposed to be doing. 3rd When you have a vision and you know your purpose, it becomes the anchor of all your storms. This means that something could happen to you but you don’t quit. You can quit a job, relationships, exercise programs but when you are locked and loaded in your purpose, you Learn Constantly and you know what your reason for living is. You may take some time off like I did, and return wanting to go bigger and bolder. Having your vision gives you a reason to Act Courageously. A lot of people shrink from doing their big dreams because there’s just so much fear around it. “Fear never goes away you just learn how to have a different relationship with fear.”

Where there is a will there’s always a way. When you see your vision, you know your purpose and if you want it bad enough, you can figure out the how. I’ve learned the dream comes first, then you figure out how bad you want it and the how just shows up. The better the details you can describe it the better it will work out. The game changer here is putting dates on things. Then you can reverse engineer on how much time do you need to reach your goals and commit that you are willing to work at it. Once you put your vision together, the universe collaborates with you. Everything you want is already out there. You have to be willing to work at it even though it is hard and Give Back. A mentor of mine, David Meltzer told me “The first action of everyday is the only action of the day. Every action after that is a reaction to that first action.” This is so true, whatever the first thought or action is, the rest of the day follows.

For this time of year, another mentor of mine, Keith Kochner, does an exercise called clearing and cutting. He encourages people to take some time over the holidays to enjoy their family and to really reflect on what did this year to step into the new year 2020 cutting out things, adjusting habits and changing boundaries around people you’re spending time with. See what you can get rid of so that you can be more intentional with every hour of your time. Lastly we need to Celebrate that we’re all doing our best, that we can always get better. Some people who come into your life are just there for a season to take you to the next level. Then it’s time for you to know go find the next one. They remain in your life, and you should try to bring new ones based on where you want to be next year.


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