Mariaon Douglas provided unique insight into the importance of trust and boundaries in our relationships. Conversations are important in building trust, setting boundaries and strengthening relationships.


  • Be honest with yourself and your relationship
  • Use grace, don’t assume the worst when a person breaks trust-consider if there is enough value to work on the relationship
  • Relationships are like an investment portfolio-some are cheap, some are expensive and some take awhile to see the dividends. We need to evaluate both from time to time


  • Set boundaries as you establish relationships-if you know what the boundaries are then you know when they have been crossed
  • Not everyone is fit to be in a relationship with you
  • Believing in yourself is one of the most important foundations for feeling confident in setting boundaries.
  • Boundaries are to stand on or to stand for, but not to stand behind
  • Boundaries are not laws-when trust is broken communication might be the solution

What boundary will you set?  How will you strengthen your relationships?


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