How many of us are driven by schedule, time, other’s demands or a pre-conceived notion of “I must do this because….”

How would we transpose this life-style to a pilgrimage? A weekend of silence? An encounter with an undiscovered road? What would we do with our curiosity?

Curiosity can only be ignited by a question. Questions carry an edge of risk. Which leads to the question: “what am I fearing and why”? Sometimes taking a risk might trigger a disagreement, looking stupid, failure, bumping up against resistance (self and others). Or taking a risk might result in joy, a new friend, fulfilling a dream, or a change in attitude.

February is our ATHENA month of Learn Constantly. Renate Mousseux really challenged our thinking to explore learning through the lens of observations. Her first rule is “assess, don’t judge”. Judgement filters learning and emphasizes what we think we know and blocks out what we might need to know. Judgement also acts as a box that isolates us, keeps us in a box and ensures that we are powerless…, that is a thought!

We learned form Renate that our body language is a great clue for what is going on for us. Small gestures such as fiddling with hair, touching our face, crossing arms, fiddling with jewelry and a whole list of other behaviors are all subject to interpretation, reaction and opportunity to learn more.

Are you willing to be the seeker? What if a question could change your life? What if you were able to ignite change just by being open to learn?


I take the most risk to learn something new:

  • When I disagree with the idea or action
  • When I have a dream attached to it
  • When I am in a new environment
  • When there is resistance or a challenge
  • To show myself I am capable

If we see something incongruous with their body language, challenge them on it

Be authentic with our body language

Have a growth or adventure mindset when we encounter new opporunites

We can learn more when we connect with others, the more we as women can collaborate the more we can grow

What three things do you want to learn this year?






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