Patricia always dreamt of becoming a REALTOR®; however, she took a safer path in corporate America for many years only to discovered she was accepting security for fulfillment, so she took the plunge and became a REALTOR®. She is a solo agent with Keller Williams Arizona Realty with a desire to help service and educate her clients on the intricate aspects of real estate.

Patricia’s passion and purpose are inspired by the words of her father, “As you are climbing the ladder, always have a hand out to help someone else up.” Her family understands the value of both receiving and giving help when needed. Patricia believes that everyone needs help in getting to their destination. Therefore, she seeks ways she can use her gifts and talents to help others achieve their goals.

Patricia was introduced to ATHENA Valley of the Sun when she came to the 2020 ATHENA HAIL Awards. She was impressed by the women of all ages, supporting and encouraging others for their gifts. The way ATHENA focuses on developing and enhancing women’s gifts and talents in a positive manner left an impression on Patricia. “ATHENA Valley of the Sun looks for greatness in people,” and as she put it, “I can align with this.” Patricia believes that when a person engages in learning in a continual manner, their perspective of the surrounding environment remains fresh and objective. ATHENA Valley of the Sun is proud to Learn Constantly with Patricia Whorton as we navigate through the future.

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