Educated citizens benefit the economy, communities, and the nation. It is an area of focus vital to all Arizonans.

In May, during our dialogue session many areas of improvement were identified surrounding education in Arizona. In June we held an Open Space Technology session as part 2 of a 3 part series addressing Education in Arizona this summer.  Below is the action committees that were identified from this meeting. We invite you will join one of the committees and help collaborate with us in our effort to help Arizona.


Issue: The Glendale School District is one of the poorest in the Valley of the Sun. Most children have free meals, teachers are paid low, and there is a 1/3 teacher turnover every year. There is mandatory teacher training each Wed afternoon but it is centered around curriculum or skill building. There are 17 elementary schools and about 1/2 of the Principals are women. One year they had an Aspiring Principal program that was developed and delivered by the Principal Coach but it has not continued.

Project: Create a leadership development program for teachers with the goal of developing future female education leaders (potentially future female Principals and assistant Superintendents) for pilot delivery next year. 


  1.  Prepare and send out a needs assessment survey to determine the type of curriculum (beyond conflict management, team motivation) to see what other collaborators we need to invite to the design table. Saundra Schrock and Kristine Quade will develop draft questions and send to team (and Barbara) for review
  2. Begin drafting the curriculum based on the responses. We have the talent from Colleen from Junior Achievement, Barbara the SME, and Misha with possible grant funding who will be critical to this project.
  3. We will need: curriculum developers, leader-place-holder until team can be held together with a committed project leader.
  4. Our first meeting will be hosted by Coleen at the Tempe Junior Achievement office in July. We may want a full day of planning in Flagstaff at Saundra’s when it get’s too hot here! Might as well mix fun with work


Issue: Curriculum taught needs to meet the needs of whole modern student-public, charter, homeschool

Project: Identify modern students needs and make curriculum suggestions to meet those needs


  1. Identify needs of modern student
  2. Check to see if someone has collected data already
  3. Identify best time/age/hours spent/to teach specific curriculum
  4. Identify what used to be taught in home/community/church that is not taught in schools and not being taught in the traditional format anymore to student
  5. Submit whole student/child needs to AZ school board


Project: Unite parents and community on their part of helping education and improving the foundation of Arizona’s future society

Issue: Parent Involvement and Community perception is lacking in support of education


  1. Propose that we unite communication channels statewide, not just varied by district-have one communication channel for parent to access, not multiple
  2.  Create survey for teachers of what is needed from Parent and community support.
  3.  Begin drafting what parents need to do at home to support their childs education-Primary years, secondary, jr. high, high school stages
  4. Community Perception-what is it, how can we change it.-compile social media comments from recent redfored posts from community/parent

. We invite all who have a sincere desire to improve education in Arizona to share your talents on one of the committees that will be meeting during July.  To find out more information contact us here

Register to participate in the 3rd Summer Series on Aug 2nd from 11:00-1:00pm click here



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