Education is a fundamental building block of a prosperous and peaceful society.

Funding as seen by the recent teacher strike and #redfored movement is one of the issues that face the Education community in Arizona, but it isn’t the only issue.  Dr. Eileen Borris led a dialogues session where women leaders in the community gathered to share their thoughts on the important issues of Education.  The Dialogue session was part 1 of a 3 part series addressing Education in Arizona this summer.  Below is a sampling of the dialogue questions and responses.

What is at the heart of the matter for education in AZ?

  • Time it takes to have issues resolved
  • Complex systems issue
  • We lack Inclusiveness in solving the issues
  • Lack of respect for the profession
  • Retention and development of passionate teachers
  • Need strong leadership: passion, vision, drives change
  • Systemic issues that we are looking at in isolation—impacts economic future, housing, poverty, business-need to look at holistically
  • People who need it the most, are left behind

What are the major issues concerning the future of education in AZ?

  • That there is limited big business to support education; lack systems thinkers
  • Fight for funds every year
  • System has been in the comfort zone. General public does not like change, Change attitude needed in the community and with legislature
  • Dynamics of child has changed-need to address different needs, behaviors of children-social, technological, behavioral

What are your Hopes and dreams about the future of Education in AZ?

  • That AZ is not at the bottom for Education
  • More inclusive and positive political experience between politics and educators
  • Teachers won’t have to work multiple jobs to stay in the classroom
  • Psychologically safe environments for learning where no kid is lost for violence

What Actions would you like to see taken?

  • Business agreements/partnership with public schools
  • Produce a life long learner: things beyond the classroom, the test/ratings.
  • Is this a women’s issue? More Women teachers, passion of the person, salary low.
  • Social, economical, societal building block impact taught to legislatures and public
  • Transparency of funding and budgets and goals

What did you learn today that was meaningful?

  • There is hope because there are people who care
  • Very complex issue and will not be a simple answer
  • Would have liked to see more teachers here to learn from others leaders that we are not normally exposed to.
  • There are very smart women who can make a difference
  • Education is healing -the individual and community; Education is power
  • One voice does make a difference

Part 2 participants will co-create actions teams around education issues. We invite all who have a sincere desire to improve education in Arizona to attend.

Register to participate in the 2nd session on June 7th from 11:00-1:00pm click here



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