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ATHENA International in China

ATHENA International President, Andrea Conner made the cover of SHE POWER magazine in China.  SHE POWER educates and connects women mentees and mentors together to grow women leadership in China.  Andrea Conner was a speaker at SHE POWER'S women's conference earlier...

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Leading from Within

Martha Mertz and Patricia Wheat started off our meeting discussing the ATHENA Leading from Within program that they teach at Perryville women's prison in Glendale.  In numbers 67% of the inmates once released end up returning, however the women that complete the...

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Change your relationship with money

Seed Thought Leader Judi Price, led us through an evaluation with ourselves and our perceptions of money.  Is our parents or childhood views of money still driving our decisions?  Does discussing money make us feel uncomfortable or emotional?  As ATHENA leaders we...

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Arizona Money Month Host

ATHENA Valley of the Sun is proud to be part of Arizona's Money Month Four weeks dedicated to women biz owners and everything money in AZ. Money--the ability and confidence to make it directly, spend it wisely, and get it in the form of investment dollars or loans--is...

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Women in the Workplace

The 2016 Women in the workplace study conducted by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey, based on data from more than 130 companies and over 34,000 men and women.  Discovered the following key findings: Women remain underrepresented at every level in the corporate pipeline. Women...

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We hope you were inspired and motivated by the April 4th ATHENA Award event. We learned a lot from each other, loved the pictures being posted on Facebook and relished the stories of appreciation afterwards.  We hope you were inspired by the stories of the recipients...

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Sharing your Passion with the World

Our Seed Though Leader, Anne Hanyak said her passion started by seeing lots of inequality and barriers for women.  Advancement for women became her passion and she started to devote more time and energy to the cause until she quit her job and made it her full-time...

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Serving on a Board of Directors

A big shout out of Thanks to Phoebe Swan for sharing her thoughts, learnings, and experiences from serving on Boards of Directors.  Below are some Key learnings from the event and the contention scenario that Phoebe presented to us. Key Learnings by Principle: Act...

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Mentoring Choice or Responsibility?

"At my age, in this still hierarchical time, people often ask me if I'm "passing the torch."  I explain that I'm keeping my torch, thank you very much-and I'm using it to light the torches of others." Gloria Steinman Dr. Lois Zachary shared this quote along with many...

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