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Education in Arizona-Part 3

Over a four-month period, women from many organizations came together to use their collective brains to investigate what can be done to help women leaders in education in our community. What we discovered was that there are many groups and individuals who are...

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Part 2 Education in Arizona

Educated citizens benefit the economy, communities, and the nation. It is an area of focus vital to all Arizonans. In May, during our dialogue session many areas of improvement were identified surrounding education in Arizona. In June we held an Open Space Technology...

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Part 1 Education in Arizona

Education is a fundamental building block of a prosperous and peaceful society. Funding as seen by the recent teacher strike and #redfored movement is one of the issues that face the Education community in Arizona, but it isn't the only issue.  Dr. Eileen Borris led a...

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Authentic Storytelling

Why is storytelling a must-have leadership skill? Leadership is the art of inspiring others to make a story come true. Therefore, if you’re leading people, you’re telling them a story. Of course, your story might not be connecting as deeply as you’d like, and that’s...

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Reflections on learning constantly

How many of us are driven by schedule, time, other’s demands or a pre-conceived notion of “I must do this because….” How would we transpose this life-style to a pilgrimage? A weekend of silence? An encounter with an undiscovered road? What would we do with our...

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Relationships need trust and boundaries

Mariaon Douglas provided unique insight into the importance of trust and boundaries in our relationships. Conversations are important in building trust, setting boundaries and strengthening relationships.

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#MeToo, Don’t be silent

In our last women's leadership meeting we brought in the topic of MeToo that went through social media prior to our event. MeToo is powerful because it is showing the size of the issue, from the abuse, to the power plays, to accepted conversations that treat women as...

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ATHENA International in China

ATHENA International President, Andrea Conner made the cover of SHE POWER magazine in China.  SHE POWER educates and connects women mentees and mentors together to grow women leadership in China.  Andrea Conner was a speaker at SHE POWER'S women's conference earlier...

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Leading from Within

Martha Mertz and Patricia Wheat started off our meeting discussing the ATHENA Leading from Within program that they teach at Perryville women's prison in Glendale.  In numbers 67% of the inmates once released end up returning, however the women that complete the...

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