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The ATHENA Leadership Award program recognizes women who consistently live and demonstrate, at the highest level, one or more of the ATHENA Leadership Principles.

To be considered a candidate for an award, the nominee must excel in accordance with an ATHENA Leadership Principle and be of the caliber to serve as a role model and mentor. The expectation is the nominee will be available to mentor an individual within one of the event Sponsors’ organizations for the period of one year.

The nominee will live, work, or influence the East Valley communities (Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert or Scottsdale.)

Nominations will be evaluated with considerable attention given to the nominee’s impact resulting from living these principles. Activities in support of political candidates or ballot initiatives will not be considered when evaluating nominees.

ATHENA Leadership Principles

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For more information on each of the Leadership Principles, please click here.

Live Authentically 

  • Stays true to self, is aligned with her values, and her behavior reflects her value-based compass
  • Steps forward to serve with insight, compassion and wisdom
  • Demonstrates integrity and consistent principled behavior
  • Reflects on shortcomings, and seeks opportunities for improvement
  • Bravely faces reality, is willing to see with clarity and discernment and stands alone if necessary
  • Is aware of what makes up her identity, including warts and all

Learn Constantly

  • Wise enough to understand that she does not know everything
  • Passionately engages in self-improvement
  • Seeks learning opportunities to optimize her full potential and adversities
  • Excited to explore greater or new issues and seeks ways to discover and understand
  • Open and willing to explore the unknown.  Willing and able to accept what she doesn’t know. Not all knowing.

Build Relationships

  • Acts as a conduit to connect ideas, projects and people in her chosen circle of influence
  • Ability to see strengths and gifts in others they may not see and connects collective talent for the greater good
  • Extends herself to others personally and professionally
  • Helps others discover and develop behavioral, communication, leadership, and technical skills to create, produce and persevere
  • Lives by the principle that people desire to do good work in relationships with colleagues
  • Honors and supports others to be fully who they can be

Foster Collaboration

  • Is able to see and integrate the strengths, passion and mission of two or more parties and bring them together for a unified goal
  • Actively seeks partnerships, new options, methods and ideas to manifest greater results
  • Becomes a Change Agent for better results and improved methods
  • Encourages teamwork, transparency and building bridges across factions and silos
  • Inclusive of others in visioning, strategy and problem-solving.
  • Acknowledges, appreciates, and recruits the contributions of others, and other organizations

Advocate Fiercely

  • Takes a stand for what is right and leaves her mark
  • Passionate in making a difference for women, and women-related causes
  • Confident, competent, capable of using her beliefs and skills in a cause to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Advocates for personal, professional, and community causes without fear and prejudice, engaging in crucial conversations.
  • Doesn’t view roadblocks as a stopping point, but as an opportunity to find a new solution

Act Courageously

  • Creates steps to move forward in her personal, professional life that may seem difficult or unachievable
  • Fearless in their quest to move forward and make a difference
  • Moves through fear and confronts reality head-on for the benefit of self and others, chooses not to sit on the sidelines.
  • Takes appropriate action when others might hesitate, develops a plan and steps forward without looking back
  • Acts purposefully, bravely in spite of perceived odds or obstacles

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