In our last women’s leadership meeting we brought in the topic of MeToo that went through social media prior to our event. MeToo is powerful because it is showing the size of the issue, from the abuse, to the power plays, to accepted conversations that treat women as objects. However, the movement won’t be effective unless we take action.  Here were some of the thoughts that came from our discussion:

• Most women we talked to had experiences where they were discounted or treated less-than,
• Inappropriate conversations and/or behavior is real for women and men in the workplace
• Our young women and young men are seeing constant ads teaching both of them that women are valued for their body or for sex
• Standing up was painful-fear of retribution, blacklisted, exclusion by peers
• Treated poorly, looked down upon when reported situation at work-peers badmouth victim as much or more than abuser

#MeToo Culture Shift/moving forward
• Feel, Deal, Heal
• Find strength in yourself and trust that it can be better
• Know your value and claim it
• Awareness-then Conversation-then Education
• Educate-be agents of change, role models
• Create impact in our circles of influence: families, work department, friends
• Focus on educating our youth with positive examples
• Teach respect and appreciate differences in gender
• Educate youth on how to set boundaries
• Have the courage to initiate conversations even if they are uncomfortable
• Teach others direct phrases to say when they see, hear inappropriate behavior or conversations

What conversation will you initiate to help create change?


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