Emma Cain is a Sophomore at ASU Prep Polytechnic High School in Mesa, AZ. She is an active member of the Key Club and was recently inducted into the National Honor Society.  Emma volunteers with younger students as a color guard coach and helps teach in a Daisy Girl Scout Troop. She volunteers for several community organizations, including the Chandler Police Department.  

If you had the opportunity to change the perception of others what would be the issue you would address?  I would change the perception of mental help which includes health in life. I am in a program at my school called Devils-to-Devils which is from college and it’s more of a student-run program to help other students. We focus on healthy coping mechanisms which is a state of mental health. We are high school students and can get stressed and bottle it up and it can come out as fighting urges, being aggressive to others. We can have anxiety, but there can be a solution to it. There’s a lot of bad coping mechanisms like drinking and substance abuse. This program is not about keeping people off of medication but teaching them of other ways to cope with and healthier ways with what they are going through. 

Emma describes her most authentic self as “when I do color guard. It’s kind of contradicting but when I’m training for a ‘character’ I feel like my true self comes out in another life. This year our team is trying to gather enough money to go to Dayton Ohio. 

Describing her strongest relationship and Emma said, with tears in her eyes, “My strongest relationship is with my mom because we do everything together. We tell each other everything, she is my biggest motivator. With school, and color guard and everything else.”

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