Deeann Schettrer is an 11th Grader at Westwood Highschool in Mesa, AZ.  Deeann is a member of the Westwood Young ATHENA Club and National Honor Society. Deeann volunteers at Banner Baywood Medical Center and Helping Hand for Relief and Development of Arizona.  

When asked what advocacy means, she said: “Advocating means stepping up in the issues that you are very passionate about and want to change with a collection of people that share the same values. I did that by participating in my school at a club and I am the Treasurer of ‘Bring Change to Mind’ and we advocate to end the stigma surrounding Mental Health. We do that by having ‘Weeks-by-Will’ where we pass out bullying prevention stickers or wear suicide prevention bracelets. There are different themes each week. 

“One of the biggest lessons I have learned is speaking up for myself and using my voice. I grew up as a very shy person and many ideas that I had I didn’t share them because I didn’t know how to. I also just like to fall under authority figures and learn from them instead of trying to have others learn from me. I just wanted to stay on the sidelines. But I just learned that I can contribute as long as I feel I have a voice.”

Deeann was asked to describe her strongest relationship is with “my religious studies teacher, I have a really close relationship with her. I’ve learned so much about her because I’m learning from her life and how it is so different in so many ways and I just love her and how she teaches and everything”.

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