Chloe Kwa is an 11th Grader at Phoenix Country Day School in Paradise Valley, AZ.  “I am from Singapore and because of my father’s job, I have lived and thrived in four different countries before I was 16 years old”. I am always looking forward to my next adventure.  An avid musician and member of her school’s Strings Orchestra, Chloe also serves as Board Member – Marketing, for Women’s Orchestra of Arizona.  

Chloe mentions that she lives by the principle of acting courageously. “In challenging moments, I demonstrate grit, tenacity, and boldness by standing up for what I believe in. In a Juilliard summer camp, I stood up for fellow student musicians who were isolated by their peers. My approach to life is to live it with openness and fearlessness.” Other experiences included where she needed to acting courageously for herself.  “People were being mean to me, at first I was with one group of ‘friends’ that were not really good friends and were putting me down. I talked with my Mom and then found a group of real friends that supported me and valued me for me. I learned to speak up for myself and I found my voice.”

For Chloe one of the hardest lessons she learned was since she moved around a lot, “I started to slack off from my school work in high school and now that I want to enter a specific University, I learned that it has to be through a lot of work and effort. I am doing everything to pull my grades up and see that I go where I want to be.”

Chloe describes her strongest relationship she has in her life is her mom. “She has been there for me and supported me in my life always encouraging me and motivating me to never give up. I love her and she made me want to be stronger. One of the things that I have learned in life is to ‘Treat others how you would like them to treat yourself’. It has been a journey.”

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