Anna-Grace (Grey) Sellers is a 10th Grader at Westwood HS in Mesa, AZ. She is part of the Young ATHENA Club at Westwood that is in its second year, volunteers at Open Arms Care Center in Gilbert, AZ and is active in her church. 

For Grey, one of the hardest lessons she learned in her life was learning how to not care what people thought about her. “I used to struggle a lot about caring about how people perceive me and the way that I acted. I am really different because I am super hyperactive on my ‘bad’ ADHD days. I had to learn that people are going to say what they are going to say and I can’t help it. And so I don’t have to listen to them. It’s just how my brain works and they have to take responsibility for their own reactions.” 

As her most authentic self, Grey explains to her friends that she couldn’t do certain things. “Learning isn’t easy for me. I have to really work to understand. A lot of my friends are really smart. They would tell me ‘this is very easy, why don’t you understand?’ I would answer them that my brain doesn’t focus naturally and works differently. I’m naturally super hyperactive so please don’t jump to the conclusion that everything is easy because it is not. This direct approach has really helped grow stronger friendships.” 

Grey’s strongest relationship is with her older sisters. “We are very similar but we’re also very different. It is really fun to watch each of us grow and make fun of ourselves and each other. If one gets hurt, we all show up and care for them because that is what sisters do. My older sister speaks Spanish and that’s how I will continue to practice with her because I have to talk to her in Spanish.

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