Alondra Macías is 15 years old, is a 10th Grader at Westwood HS in Mesa, AZ. Alondra is a member of the Westwood Young ATHENA Club, the National Honor Society, and she also volunteers for several schools and community organizations. “ I’m kind of shy and timid introvert but as soon as you get to know me I come out a lot. That is one reason I think I am being recognized for the Learns Constantly Leadership Principle. I am always learning from my mistakes and successes.


What Alondra would like to change if she had the opportunity would be how others view minorities. People tend to view minorities such as African-Americans or Hispanics as poor people or people that are bad. We are all just humans and we don’t have to downgrade each other like that. I would advocate for this cause to understand it more and learn how I could speak more effectively.” 

For Alondra, one of the hardest lessons to learn has had to learn is that upon reaching high school she realized that she was with a lot of smart people and I was not at the top of the class like she used to be. ”I would think that I am not going to get anywhere in life with ‘these’ people. But I’ve learned that it’s not just education; it’s more about how you show yourself and just the type of person you are that’s really important in this world. That’s why I think it is important  to not downgrade yourself ever. Grow from whatever mistakes you make. Always be hopeful about what there is to gain.”

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