Shelley Zalis is an internationally-renowned thought leader for advancing equality in the workplace.

As the first female chief executive ranked in the research industry’s top 25, she changed the game, helped elevate feminine values in the workplace and has devoted herself to becoming a mentor and role model to women and leaders in her industry.

Today, through The Female Quotient, Zalis is advancing gender equality across many industries and career levels with the FQ Lounge, pop-up experiences at conferences across the globe, such as The World Economic Forum, Cannes Lions and the Consumer Electronics Show, as well as within companies. She is also leading initiatives within corporations by activating solutions for change with The Female Quotient’s Equality Bootcamps.

5 Top learnings from Shelley Zalis

  1. Unfortunately, jobs have been set up as an either/or scenario when it comes to work and family, but it should be an “and.” We need to make workplace adjustments in order to accommodate life stage needs. This will help everyone rise to the top at work while also being able to succeed at home.
  2. The truth is that life stage matters—no matter your gender. There is no one-size fits all: The decisions each woman makes about work and life are deeply personal.
  3. Rewrite the rules. There are other biases that women face in the workplace, but the number one bias that all women face is about family and career.
  4. It’s the next generation that will close all these gaps. It’s our responsibility now to open up all these conversations and opportunities, so the next generation of female leaders can come in and be the change we want to see—which is women in the C-suite.
  5. “I always say that being uncomfortable is like wearing a new pair of high heels. The first time you wear them, they pinch. But the more you wear those shoes, the more comfortable they get. We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and just say yes.

Come hear Shelley speak at the 2020 ATHENA Awards on March 26, 2020: < Register Now >


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