Karianne Munstedt is a portrait photographer. She is an artist and nurturer, fiercely motivated by using her talents to make women feel confident, empowered, and whole. Growing up with an abusive role model left her filled with fear. She countered this by attempting to be perfect, but never took the time to understand who she was. She continued down a path of perfection that led her to many endeavors that weren’t right for her.

Karianne started a journey to get to know herself in her 30s. In 2018, she left her full-time corporate job and she connected back to the thing that brought her joy as a child… photography. She focused her career to be a portrait photographer for women. Through her own portrait experience, Karianne met her real self for the first time. She gained confidence and self-love she was lacking. She understands that for many women, being in front of the camera is one of the most vulnerable places to be. By being Authentic and by showing her own vulnerabilities, it opens the door for others to feel comfortable being vulnerable in front of her. Karianne’s authenticity inspires women to show up authentically themselves during their portrait sessions, not as someone they think they need to show up as.

She says ” I spent most of my life trying to live up to a “perfect” ideal, never having my own opinions, never knowing who I was. I just tried to be who I thought everyone else wanted me to be. These days, I work on staying true to myself, my morals and values, in every area of my life, every day. I try to get out of my head and come from my heart as much as I can. When I feel judgment coming up, I shift my perspective and look at the situation through a lens of curiosity. I call myself out when it’s needed. I love myself and invest in my well-being.” She has made her story her professional brand, inspiring others in all she does.

“I just try to have a positive attitude towards everything, if I can help someone in someway, through a smile or a positive interaction. I am there for that. I get so much love so I try to put it back into the world”

Personally, Karianne is a wife and a mom to a teenage stepdaughter, toddler son, and three doggies.


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