Sheila Grinell was our Seed thought leader for the ATHENA Leadership Principle of Learn Constantly. Sheila discussed her role in creating the Phoenix Science Center and the learning that occurred as she shifted careers to become a writer.  She stated that she used her hard worn skills in a different aspect, for example she used to organize vertically and now she organizes horizontally.

Our group discussions evolved around how we can feel when we encounter new experiences, opportunities or learning vs. how we are when we have moved from the “freshman level” of learning to a “Junior or Senior” level.

Insights regarding new experiences or change:

  • Beginners mind-you see multiple paths
  • Pressures and expectations might not be as intense
  • Change can be like standing on the edge of a cliff-you are very aware of gravity and fear that you might fall or accepting of the possibilities and that you might jump and fly.
  • Move through fear of change-realize it is an indicator state and not a permanent state
  • Stay open, detach from outcome
  • Give it your best shot, If not going well we can shift or pivot

Insights when we have experience and comfort in our situations:

  • We are able to reach out and assist others
  • Freedom to experiment and build
  • Recognize your talents
  • Willing to be vulnerable and listen
  • Acknowledge the lessons, don’t hold onto bitterness
  • Embrace what comes

We challenge you to seek after continuous learning; it brings wisdom and helps us develop our talents and skills in new ways.


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