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Leadership Team

Dr. Kristine Quade, JD, EdD, MSOD

Founder, Athena Valley of the Sun

An self-proclaimed “agent of change” Dr. Quade was instrumental in developing leadership programs for women at McDonnell Douglas & Boeing. She has extended that focus to other women leaders as the founder of ATHENA Valley of the Sun.


Dr. Kristine Quade began her career track as a practicing attorney, corporate leader, Organization Development management consultant, business owner, author and international professor. Her master’s and doctorate degrees are from Pepperdine in Organization Development and Change.

“I feel fortunate to have had a diversity of experiences with challenging issues in exciting environments in Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Zambia, Kenya, India, United Kingdom, France, Zimbabwe, Australia, Belgium, Germany, China, and the Czech Republic and with over 200 different client systems.”

Dr. Quade has many passions but the highest on her radar are teaching in the College of Doctoral Studies at Grand Canyon University where she works with doctoral learners on their dissertations and being in service to women who want to develop their leadership capacity. She is the Board Chair for ATHENA International, a member of National Training Laboratories (NTL) and has published her 7th book for Board of Directors. As she has time, she is working on her first fiction—a new adventure! Other passions include making jewelry, traveling, and meeting up with very interesting global partners.

Chantel Dooley

Chantel Dooley works in Impact Assessment for the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS).  Chantel is the proud surviving fiancée of Captain Alex J Stanton, United States Air Force. In honor of Alex, a Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations in Phoenix, Arizona, Chantel joined TAPS as a survivor and is now giving back to continue the mission of providing comfort, care, and resources for all who grieve the death of a military loved one.


Chantel holds a BS in Biology from Arizona State University, an MA in Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix, and will earn her Ph.D. from Grand Canyon University.

Chantel began her career as a high school biology teacher using the pedagogical practice of Modeling Instruction with the American Modeling Teachers Association. She now serves as a board member for ATHENA Valley of the Sun as the Honoring ATHENA Inspired Leaders Committee Chair.

Chantel is also serving as a Member-at-Large on the Board of Directors with the American Modeling Teachers Association. Chantel is a student member with National Training Laboratories and a member of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. Chantel is proud to be a supporter of the World Connections Foundation and looks forward to the continued collaboration in support of educational efforts worldwide. Working with the World Connections Foundation enables Chantel to combine her purposes in life; her love of education, her belief in the empowerment of others, and connecting all who live with the beating broken hearts over the loss of a military loved one.

Lori Severson

Athena College Leadership Program

As a coach for professional women, Lori’s specialty is the interpersonal side of business. A 20+ year veteran of big business, she knows that women have special challenges in environments that are often male designed and led.

Dr. Susan Taffer

Executive Leadership Certificate Program

Dr. Susan Taffer is an American business and social entrepreneur, a Transition Strategist, Global Educator, and a Humanitarian. She is an Intercultural Ambassador for Universities, businesses and Governments, an Educational Ambassador for Global Peace Initiatives, and the principal founder of World Connections Foundation.

A recognized national and global educator and an authority on thought leadership, Dr. Taffer has served as an advisor to educators, learning institutions, corporations and students around the globe for more than 25 years. She is a Doctoral Chair and Professor with Grand Canyon University and a Doctoral Consultant and Provost Elect for Acacia University’s International Educators’ Graduate College. Her instructional guidance and multi-course knowledge have made her a distinguished and sought-after educator and speaker in doctoral studies, women’s leadership forums, and leading national organizations.

Dr. Taffer has served on the Athena Valley of the Sun executive leadership team for over 2 years and is currently the Facilitator for the AVOS Executive Leadership Certificate Program for selected Athena Members. She serves as an executive advisor for the recipients of the Athena Principal Woman’s Leadership Award and counsels the Young Athenas Program Development.

Expanding on her life-long passion to transition individuals to greatness, Dr. Taffer is aligning her talents and connections to create and produce a documentary film, entitled ‘As I Rise’. The film speaks to individuals of all ages. It is a story of courage and discovery; of women rising to their full potential and galvanizing change within their lives and communities. Featuring the true stories of three inspiring women, the film demonstrates that all of us have within us the potential to live a life of greater purpose, power and productivity. Their stories illustrate that no one is ever too far from making a difference – or from healing through education. And it is a gripping reminder of the power of leadership. “You can’t emulate what you can’t see. With that in mind, we’re using the power of storytelling to inspire what is possible for every woman to achieve.” Dr. Susan Taffer.

Dr. Taffer is available to speak at Local, National and International Forums. Contact Information: Cell: 602.361.6012

Karen Estrin

Membership Chair, Website Specialist

Karen Estrin has spent more than 20 years in marketing with 10 years of that focused on marketing via the Internet. She founded Playbook Media & Marketing to offer affordable website design and Internet marketing services for small businesses. She provides personal service and high-quality solutions to improve your business presence and get you found online.

Karen loves to help small businesses develop and execute a strategy for improving their online visibility, primarily through web presence and search engine optimization, but has found her real passion and niche to be website development and support. As a WordPress expert Karen has developed website-focused offerings to provide the technical website support that most small businesses need: for new or redesigned sites and for maintenance and support on existing sites.

Katharine Halpin

Women In Technology Leadership Cohort

Katharine Halpin is an Author, Speaker and Facilitator for organizations that are committed to accelerating the growth of their company, their teams and their people. Her methods are used by leaders across the globe.


Katharine Halpin founded The Halpin Companies in 1995 to fill a void she saw everyday in her CPA career.  Leaders were focused primarily on the legal and financial aspects of growth and not on the people aspects.  Halpin Clients have grown their shareholder value, revenues and profits by 2-3x simply by using her proven methods.  Katharine’s methods foster innovation by getting the right people in the right roles, focused on the right priorities.

Katharine is the author of Alignment for Success: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself, Your Teams, and Your Company and The Respond, Not React Playbook.  Both are available on Amazon and Goodreads.

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