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When Our Pain Returns – Finding Forgiveness

It would be so nice if when we told our painful stories of the past, all our suffering would magically disappear. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen like that. Many of us get stuck in the quagmire of our emotions not letting the ghosts of the past...

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Forgiveness-Want Inner Peace? Here’s How

Step 7 – Learning to Forgive Once we have reached Step Seven in the forgiveness process, we have come to a very special place. There are certain things we have come to realize about our minds and the way we think. We may have realized that in a sense we...

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Forgiveness-Ouch! The Pain Really Hurts

Step Six: Absorbing Pain Pain can feel devastating. We may try to deny it or cover it up, sometimes using alcohol and drugs, but eventually, if we want to forgive we will have to learn how to deal constructively with our pain. You have already begun...

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Forgivenss-Will the Real Person Please Stand Up!

Step 5 – Reframing the Situation As you continue your forgiveness journey and have begun to work through your emotional pain we come to the step which entails changing our thinking about the situation. We have begun to heal our anger and guilt, which helps...

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Forgivenss-Healing Our Guilt

Step 4- Healing Our Guilt In Step 4 of the forgiveness process the focus is on healing our guilt. Underneath your anger, you will find guilt. No one wants to be aware of their guilt and the possible shame that goes with it. Guilt is particularly hard to...

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Forgiveness–Working with Anger

Step 3 – Working with Anger Anger tells us that or circumstances need to change. If we can’t let go of our anger it is also telling us that we need to change. This is the time when we get into the trenches of our emotions and have the difficult dialogue...

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Forgiveness-Telling your story

  Step 2 – Telling Your Story Once you recognize the healing effect that forgiveness can have in your life and that revenge will not take your pain away, you are ready to take the next step in the forgiveness process. Step two is about telling your...

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Learning to Forgive

Step One in Learning How to Forgive This is an exciting day. You have decided that your emotional health and well-being is very important, and you are ready to take the first step in letting go of your emotional pain. As with any difficult emotional work it is...

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Join the Leaders Forgive Campaign

Forgiveness is about changing the way we think about ourselves and the way we see the world. I invite you to join in a forgiveness campaign for the next 8 weeks to learn what forgiveness is and how to do it

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