Kaleigh WilliamsKaleigh Williams is the Program Director of ATHENA AVOS PowerLink program. Kaleigh’s background in organizational development and her belief in others, equips her to coach others in personal and professional growth. Kaleigh’s mindset is that business ventures have a lot more potential for growth when the entrepreneur spends time on personal and professional growth. As the Program Director of PowerLink, Kaleigh has been humbled by watching an amazing group of women do the work for this program while managing full-time careers, young families and their passion for moving to the next level. Kaleigh said she is always encouraged by women who support one another rather than breaking each other down, which is exactly what PowerLink does for women executives and business owners.

Kaleigh is also deeply engaged in the development of ATHENA’s 2020 – 2021 Executive Certificate program. This is a six-month program focused on the Eight Prinicples of the Enlightened Leadership and how to apply each of them to your life. By helping the participants to apply the principles to their lives, the program challenges each of them grows to their next level. Each person has their own individual experiences and journey. Kaleigh believes everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be today and that each experience is a stepping stone to the next stage in one’s journey if we reflect and learn. Kaleigh demonstrates the confidence she has gained in her own journey of personal and professional development. ATHENA AVOS is proud of the quality Kaleigh adds to both the PowerLink and Executive Certificate programs.

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