We had the opportunity to hear from our Young ATHENAs, Jennifer Equihua and Ali McAuliff, part of Generation Z. They are currently in high school and facing issues around the ATHENA Leadership principles.  They discussed constant living in fear with school threats, drills and shootings along with what is considered almost normal behavior of cheating in our society.

Their stories gave us the opportunity to look at how we are able to Live Authentically when we are facing trauma or fear and how cheating can affect our business and our authentic self.

Insights when facing trauma or fear:

  • Toxic Stress: our bodies chemically change during trauma or fear and can change our decision making skills
  • Our need to protect or feel safe might cause us to deviate from our authentic self
  • Use Faith/Spirituality/Meditation to find our authenticity during trauma or fear
  • Fear can bring insecurity
  • Self esteem plays a large part on how authentic we are in our actions

Insights on how cheating affects us:

  • When business culture and your authentic self don’t align, you give up lots of yourself, and it drains your energy
  • Cheating behavior can normalize over time and can take us far from our path
  • Fear can lead to cheating (example: fear of not providing for our families)
  • Bullying and cheating happen because we want to be SEEN a certain way in society.
  • Each person needs to know where your line in the sand is-your line of integrity

We challenge you to do some self-reflection.  Ask yourself “Do I know myself or do I put too much value on others judgments?”



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