One way to be successful in your business is to create a great work environment for your employees. Keeping employees happy, engaged, and motivated should be a priority for every employer. According to a recent SHRM only 69 percent of employees consistently put effort into their work. This means companies need to find ways to keep employees motivated.

The common top ways to motivate employees are; Host volunteer days. Compliment your employees. Recognize accomplishments. Support your employees’ ideas. Send hand-written thank you notes. One not so common, but outside of the box ideas is to celebrate the holidays throughout the year.  I am not just talking about Christmas or New Year’s or even Valentine’s Day.  Here are a few obscure holidays to consider.

January 8th:  National Show and Tell at Work Day       January 13th: National Rubber Ducky Day
February 9th: National Pizza Day                                 February 25th: National Pancake Day
March 6th:  National Salesperson Day and Oreo Cookie Day
April 1st or First Thursday: Fun at Work Day                 April 26th: Superhero Day
May: Cinco de Mayo of course, but don’t forget about BBQ Day on the 16th
June 25th: Bomb Pop Day                                             June 26th: Take your Dog to Work Day
July 6th: Take your Webmaster to Lunch Day               July 11th:  Make Your Own Sundae Day
August 17th: Non Profit Day                                          August 19th: Root Beer Float Day
September 5th: Be Late for Something Day                  September 13th: Scooby-Doo Day
October 4th: Taco Day                                                   October 13th: M&M Day
November 3rd: Sandwich Day                                       November 24th: Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
December 11th: Magnum P.I. Day                                 December 14th: Yoga Day

Having fun makes employees more productive, encourages collaboration and reduces stress. Want more holiday ideas? or

by MaryLynne Christman, CSMM, CMP, CMM
Collaborative Event Management LLC


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