Over a four-month period, women from many organizations came together to use their collective brains to investigate what can be done to help women leaders in education in our community.

What we discovered was that there are many groups and individuals who are concerned about the complex issues surrounding education in Arizona. These issues go beyond teachers’ pay which was the hot issue in May when we first convened. The landscape of teaching is changing with advancements in technology, individual student needs becoming more complex, funding constraints, teacher turn over, and a general misunderstanding of understanding of the complexity of issues needing addressing.

Going forward our next steps are:

  • Identify data already collected
  • Create an inventory of community groups who serve educational needs. On September 22, at the AZ Multicultural Education Conference, teachers will be asked to complete a leadership needs survey.
  • Develop a meaningful leadership development program for educators.

Our hope is that this important work makes a difference for our educators and ultimately, our children.

Our thanks to the following women who worked on this initiative over the summer:

Abigail Amdrim Daniela Bulmini Karen Estrin Nichole Spencer
Andi Lawrence Eileen Borris Karen Russo Paddy Rasmusson
Barb Goodwin Gretchen Vorbeck Kristin Cetone Saundra Schrock
Bobbie O’boyle Jacque Starks Kristine Quade Shay Meinzer
Carey Conley Janelle Swaider Lori Serverson Susan Taffer;
Cindy Gordon Jeanne Leckie Maria Gonzales Tina Sweis
Colleen Cox Jgaril Gipson Meshan Davis Tracie Younce

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