It’s not news to anyone, that relationships are a key factor to success in business or career.

As one of the ATHENA Leadership Principles, Build Relationships is defined as:

Connecting genuinely with those around you. A willingness to bond with others, profoundly and productively, with trust and respect; to reach beyond status and self-interest in search of meaningful connections.

This article from Entrepreneur, The Key to Success? Relationships., discusses the importance of building business relationships, to ensure fruitful customer transactions and support business goals.

But the benefits, to career and business, that come from personal relationships may be even more valuable. Genuine connections have the power to uplift, educate and inspire.

In sports the cheerleaders motivate the team to persevere, influence onlookers to voice their encouragement, and exude positive energy.  In business and career we should surround ourselves with cheerleaders!

As a solopreneur, my team consists of the clients I serve, a couple of contractors and some administrative providers like my bookkeeper and CPA.  But also, a hand-picked team of mentors and cheerleaders. My ATHENA sisters have become trusted advisors and advocates. Even more than that, they’ve become mentors, referral partners and, yes, cheerleaders! The knowledge and insight so openly shared by these experienced women have helped propel my business, expand my goals and inspire self-confidence.

Karen Estrin
Owner, Worry Free Sites
ATHENA Member since March 2018


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