Carrie Smith has spent the last 27 years working for the Foundation for Senior Living (FSL). Carrie started her career as a social worker with FSL fresh out of college. FSL’s mission is to provide affordable housing and home and community-based services that promotes health, independence, and dignity for all. Key programs include in-home and community-based health care, nutrition programs, home improvements, behavioral health residential, independent affordable housing, and care coordination. The importance of allowing our elderly the opportunity to age gracefully cannot be stated enough and the work that Carrie does is nothing short of spectacular.

Carrie Smith considers herself a native of Arizona whose family came from Connecticut when she was young. Carrie is a proud ASU Sun Devil who graduated with a bachelor’s in social work. She later received her master of business administration from the University of Phoenix. Carrie believes that work should be something that you are passionate about and describes her career at FSL as fulfilling. She believes that as people age they want to maintain purpose and they want to become more involved in their community and retire gracefully.

Carrie’s favorite principle is Foster Collaboration. She states we have difficult challenges to overcome in this community and great things happen when you bring a variety of people together focused on a common cause. Each person brings a valuable voice; that key piece and each piece fills the pie. Carrie became an ATHENA because she wanted to surround herself with other women leaders. She believes in the ATHENA principles and that they provide a good foundation to support any leader. There was a time when women were not welcome at the business table. Today, more and more leaders are women and Carrie wants to support other women on their journey. Her viewpoint is you can’t sit around and wait for something to happen. We owe it to ourselves to stand up, take charge, work hard, find purpose and passion, and enjoy every moment of our lives.

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