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ATHENA Valley of the Sun is proud to be an affiliate of ATHENA International as they expand to support, honor and develop women leaders. We are thrilled to join with sister organizations such as those in Raleigh, North Carolina, Akron, Ohio, England, and China.

The ATHENA Affiliate Membership Program is a local community membership for women leaders that offers dual membership in ATHENA International along with membership in your local affiliate.

The ATHENA Affiliate Membership Program is designed to:
•    Offer a local membership program to connect established women leaders and/or emerging women leaders with each other
•    Provide expansive mentoring opportunities for emerging women leaders
•    Offer local programming for continued leadership development
•    Unite Affiliates of ATHENA International all over the globe

In addition, the members will receive the following benefits of membership in ATHENA International:
•    Access to the ATHENA International membership directory and other online information as developed
•    Discounts to ATHENA International leadership events and merchandise
•    Monthly E-newsletter



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