ATHENA College Leadership Program

Emerging College Leaders: Empowering My Voice Program


This program is designed for college women to learn a model of leadership that is unique and powerful as it has been designed, tried and tested by women for women.  This is a new  opportunity for Paradise Valley Community College women.

Overall Strategic Goal for the Athena Empowering My Voice Program

is to expand the leadership capacity of college aged women supporting their growth as women who understand and then inhabit the Athena Leadership Principles including:

  • Live Authentically;
  • Learn Constantly;
  • Advocate Fiercely;
  • Act Courageously;
  • Foster Collaboration;
  • Build Relationships;
  • Give back;
  • Celebrate!

So that we have more able women ready to take leadership roles in their prospective field, profession and/or life. 

Our program is highly interactive and develops multiple soft skills including:

  • Communication Skills
  • Creative Thinking
  • Work Ethic
  • Team Work
  • Decision Making
  • Networking
  • Positivity
  • Time Management
  • Motivation
  • Flexibility
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Conflict Resolution

What do these women get?

~27 hours of learning and small group mentor support over 9 months (August-May):

Program Elements:

  • Nine ‘classroom’ style highly interactive sessions with an Athena Certified Facilitator (18 hours total-in person)
  • Nine monthly mentoring sessions with an Athena Mentor and 1-2 other program attendees (9 hours)
  • Book:  Becoming Athena by Martha Mayhood Mertz, founder of Athena
  • A Student guide including lesson support materials and additional references on each of the eight leadership principles
  • Attendance as a volunteer at the annual Athena Hail awards luncheon
    • Other possible volunteer opportunities at other Athena events as desired & available
  • Potential opportunities in the future include
    • Training for college mentors to mentor high school girls in the Athena leadership model if they choose to give back
    • Helping with Young Athena conference in summer.

This program is a new opportunity for college women to learn a model of leadership that is unique and powerful as it has been designed, tried and tested by women for women. We have already established the success of a similar program at the high school level, over the past few years.

Mentors Needed

Mentor Responsibilities once accepted

  • Attend the kick-off event at ASU-Tempe Campus August 21 from 1-3:30pm
  • Attend a mentor training session prior to start up; one check-in mid program and the majority of the monthly trainings for the program attendees.
    Dates: Fridays 1-3pm: August 21; September 18; October 16; November 20; January 15; February 19; March 19; April 16
  • Meet with mentee(s)* minimum once per month either in person or virtually.
  • Log monthly mentoring sessions within 48 hours post mentoring session.  This should be a high-level summary, not personal details.


*Mentors may meet mentee either on campus or virtually.

If you are interested in being a Mentor for this new program, please find more information here:


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