ATHENA HAIL Award RecipientsATHENA Valley of the Sun fosters the stories of the amazing Arizona women making a difference in our community. We need you to identify these special women.

Each year, our Awards event will feature groundbreaking women in our community who lead using the ATHENA® Leadership Principles.

Our Purpose: Supporting, Developing and Honoring Women Leaders

The ATHENA® Leadership Award was inspired by ATHENA, goddess of Greek mythology known for her strength, courage, wisdom and enlightenment.

ATHENA Valley of the Sun HONORING ATHENA INSPIRED LEADERS (HAIL) Award focuses on the ATHENA Leadership Principles in order to create awareness of the strength of women leaders who embody them. The principles that we will be highlighting are: Live Authentically, Learn Constantly, Build Relationships, Foster Collaboration, Advocate Fiercely, and Act Courageously.

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