Young Athena Leadership Program Application


The Young ATHENA Leadership Program offers young women in grades 9 through 12, an opportunity to develop leadership skills using six unique principles, training, workshops, and service-learning activities. School Young ATHENA Clubs are now forming. If you would like to help start a YA club on your school campus, contact Lydia Kieft at

In addition, we will honor six extraordinary high school women who will serve as the Honoring ATHENA Inspired Leaders (HAIL) for one year. These six young women will be chosen to represent one of the ATHENA leadership principles. They will be recognized at the March 2021 ATHENA Valley of the Sun ATHENA HAIL AWARDS luncheon and will act as the MCs for the event.

To be considered:

  1. You need to complete the web-based application. See application below
  2. Arizona resident
  3. You will be interviewed by the Leadership Team for ATHENA Valley of the Sun where you have an opportunity to provide examples of your leadership and indicate why you should be chosen as a Young ATHENA Award recipient. Interviews will take place through video conferencing in December 2020.

If you are selected, you will:

  • Represent one of the six ATHENA Leadership Principles and be paired with the HAIL recipient for the same Principle.
  • The HAIL recipient will have agreed to mentor you for one year. As her Young ATHENA, you will need to drive this mentoring relationship.
  • Become one of the six MCs during the HAIL Awards Luncheon in March 2021.

To prepare for the HAIL Awards, you will need to:

  • Develop a 30 second ELEVATE MY VOICE leadership statement which will be video taped in January 2021. This video will be shown during the Awards ceremony. If you cannot make this video taping, you will not be selected.
  • Attend a practice session at the event location for a walk-through of your role as one of the event MCs approximately 1 week prior to the event (date TBD) at The Clayton House, 3719 North 75th Street, Scottsdale
  • Develop questions that you will ask of your mentor during the Awards event.
  • Attend the ATHENA HAIL Awards in March 2021 from 9:00-2:00pm where you will facilitate a panel discussion by the HAIL recipients.


If you are ready to be recognized as one of the six amazing Young ATHENAs for 2020-2021, submit your application to ATHENA Valley of the Sun and be ready to shine!

Please submit your application to ATHENA Valley of the Sun  by December 23, 2020>>

If you need to stop and return to the application at a later time, use the Save and Continue Later at the bottom of this form.

ATHENA Youth Leadership Program Application 2020-2021

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  • The leadership program training will take place during the summer. You might want to use an email that isn't a school email, unless you will be accessing it during the summer months. You will need to check your email often while you are participating in the Young ATHENA Leadership Program.
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