Andrea Tyler Evans is the publisher of Frontdoors Media, a print and digital publication company dedicated to celebrating the people who Give Back generously and work to build the future of our community. She is a graduate of Valley Leadership Institute, a proud ASU alumni and volunteers with a number of Valley nonprofit organizations that help women, children and the arts. Andrea is married to Tom Evans and mom to Thomas, Ellie and their rescue kitty, Sally.

Before acquiring Frontdoors from its founder in 2017, Andrea spent her career serving as a fundraising staffer turned consultant, coaching nonprofits and volunteers on how to maximize the opportunity to raise funds and their profiles through effective event planning. This was a “behind the scenes” role she embraced. Becoming the publisher of a company that celebrates many of the individuals and organizations she met along the way has propelled her to the front of the conversation and has given her the opportunity to be an advocate for their work. What a responsibility and what an honor she says. 

The Frontdoors team gathers for an editorial team meeting each week to select stories that reflect a diverse representation of the people and causes making a difference in the Valley of the Sun. Women, Leadership, arts, the underserved, forgotten animals, the working poor, those who persevere, those who champion a little-known cause and those who share their good fortune. These are the stories that are often ignored by traditional media today. “Our publication is an opportunity to be a voice for these causes, these people, these organizations and the companies, individuals and foundations that support them. These stories connect our readers to causes they care about or introduce them to a cause they didn’t know about.”

“Volunteering my time, experience and creativity is my sport of choice. Thankfully my husband is supportive of my passion to Give Back to the community we are proud to live in and my children love being involved when it’s appropriate for them to volunteer. I can’t think of a better way to teach my children the value of their abilities than to expose them to organizations that you and they are passionate about.” 

This work has also led to a philanthropic purpose within our family. The four of them have a meeting each summer where her 14-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter each choose a nonprofit cause they would like for them all to support. This means that they see their mom and dad volunteer, donate money and bring them to family outings where they get to participate and enjoy what the organization contributes to our community. It is her hope that leading by example and showing her children how to advocate for a cause will result in a ripple effect for years and decades to come.

“The circle of philanthropy in our community is not a single drawn line. It is a thick, deep channel, that grows and flows from ideas to actions to results each and every day. Advocating fiercely for every piece in this dynamic circle is the least I can do with my voice.”  “I am blessed to serve my community as a volunteer, advocate for nonprofits big and small via my business and both give and receive mentorship through several women’s networking groups across the Valley. I would be honored to do the same for ATHENA Valley of the Sun.”


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