ATHENA Valley of the Sun

ATHENA Valley of the Sun (AVOS) focused on the ATHENA Leadership Principles (ALP). We teach the principles, we focus on the principles in all that we do, we ARE the Principles. We are just like every other woman leader in search of her full self. We are raw and in the muck of our own growth. We get messy. And we get stronger with every conversation we have with our sisters about the truths we are facing to live the principles.

Membership with AVOS has a very different meaning that with other organizations. We are ATHENA Warriors on a path of starting a change movement. The change takes on the individual colors, shapes and symbols of our personal passions, issues and causes. We are definitely standing in our differences AND we are honoring the similarity that holds us together—the ALPs. 

Your membership represents your “calling” with your personal commitment to be an extraordinary leader. The commitment is a contract. The contract is to help other women (and yes, we help men who support the ALPs). We do this through teaching, learning, mentoring, sponsoring, advocating and linking arms to support each other. We are in service to the advancement of women. And we will leave no women leader behind. 

The cost of being “called” is personal. We can find many examples such as being called to religious, military or public service. There is always a ceremony where there is a “swearing in” which includes a pledge. This pledge includes the awareness of giving up something to be in service to others. Sometimes the give is time, money, expertise, etc. However, the pledge is an overt commitment must be by putting a tangible commodity that indicates “I am…..” (fill in the blank—minister, elected official, servicewomen, etc.). 

Our pledge it to say “I am ATHENA”?  I commit to creating a balance in leadership worldwide by supporting, developing and honoring ATHENAs by:

  • Reading Becoming ATHENA by Martha Mertz — ur gift to you ($15)
  • Attending all ATHENA events
  • Attending a learning forum to deepen my knowledge of the ALPs (Exec Certificate, Becoming ATHENA basics, be a part of a learning community) so that I can speak knowledgeably about the ALPS to others. 
  • Sponsoring or mentoring another ATHENA from the classroom to the boardroom.
  • Wearing my ATHENA pin in public events (which we present to you right after you become a member 
  • Nominating amazing women for the AVOS HAIL Awards

The cost of your commitment is $200 per year and you are expected to renew automatically for a minimum of three years. You will receive the Becoming ATHENA book and your pin during your first year. 

Here is something to remember:  “the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do!


Joining many ATHENA chapters around the globe, the ATHENA Valley of the Sun (AVOS) was formed in 2015 with the focus of supporting women as we evolve from leadership at the community or grassroots level all the way to the governing Board of Directors. AVOS offers the opportunity to experience extraordinary women as role models that exist in each of us. Our purpose is to provide opportunities for sharing stories of overcoming odds, challenging broken systems, taking brave actions, mending polarities or being the calming voice in the shouting of oppositions. The guiding principles of AVOS are:

  • Leave no woman leader behind
  • Show up and be seen as a leader.
  • Build the next generation of women senior leaders.

Please join us as we support, honor and develop ourselves as women leaders the world needs.

Truly, Dr Kristine Quade ATHENA Valley of the Sun.


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