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ATHENA Valley of the Sun helps Support, Develop, and Honor women leaders from the classroom to the boardroom through our Young ATHENA program, emerging and established Leadership meetings, mentoring, scholarships and award events.

Our motto is to Leave No Woman Leader Behind.

  • ATHENA Women Ignite Change: Education in Arizona -3

    • Thursday, August 2, 2018

    • Location: HeraHub, Phoenix

    • 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

  • Summer Series-#3 ATHENA Valley of the Sun is acting as a convener of a three part session: IGNITE Change: Education in Arizona As you know, we face some staggering statistics in Arizona for educational success. Being toward the bottom only means that we can get [...]

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Join this collaborative effort with multiple women’s groups who are concerned about the future of women leadership in education in the Valley.  Lets make a difference by sharing what we know about finance, strategy, business acumen, community building and women’s leadership.

The ATHENA Leadership Model®

The ATHENA Leadership Model®, developed through a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, identifies eight distinct attributes that are reflective of women’s contributions to leadership: Authentic Self, Relationships, Giving Back, Collaboration, Courageous Acts, Learning, Fierce Advocacy, Celebration and Joy.

These personal traits that are more intuitive to women, and combined with the strongest aspects of traditional leadership—taking risks, assertiveness, hard work—prepare women to be successful leaders in the 21st century.

We know the value of emerging and transformative styles of leadership that are closely tied to the intuitive strengths that women bring to leadership. The ATHENA Leadership Model® captures these principles for use in contemporary settings, while acknowledging that they have been handed down from women across the world and over generations. In short, the ATHENA Leadership Model® meets the needs of emerging leaders and speaks convincingly to women leaders who will head the organizations of the future.



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